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Cocadas - recipe - How to make it - step by step - without baking

Cocadas - recipe - How to make it - step by step - without baking

Try this easy recipe with no baking!

You have probably already read the post about traditional Portuguese sweets, so you surely know what a cocada is, but just in case, you haven’t managed to do that yet, cocada is a Portuguese sweet, that basis on coconuts and sugar. So how to make cocadas?


500 g freshly shredded coconut (or its equivalent in cups - 2 ½)

1 ½ cups sugar

1 cup water


  1. take a middle size pot, add sugar and water, mix it
  2. heat it and bring it to boil
  3. boil for about 20 minutes without stirring, till the moment the syrup thickens (it is ready if the spoon with the syrup leaves a thick line)
  4. add shredded coconut and mix it, don’t mix it too much, so that the syrup is not excessively cooled down
  5. boil without stirring for next 5 minutes on a medium fire
  6. when the coconut-syrup mixture is soft, remove from the fire
  7. place the dough in a bowl and leave for next 5 minutes
  8. in the meantime, oil the baking form or use a silicone one
  9. take two spoons and start forming cakes, use the first one to get some dough and then cover it with the second one, so that you get an oval-shaped cocada
  10. so formed cocadas place on the baking tray or in the baking form and leave for 1 hour in a room temperature
  11. serve directly, when dried (when the crust becomes dry, don’t worry, the inner part is still soft and moist) or keep in a jar for 1 week.

Bom apetite!

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